Exploring Tourism in Nigeria
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My Traveling As A Tourist In Nigeria

For nearly 15 years I've done trips in Nigeria as a tourist. I have been in almost every federal state: In the north, in the central region, in the southwest, southeast and south. Whether there were Yorubas, Ibos, Haussas or Fulanis, I have always enjoyed kindness and hospitality. A good leader and also a professional driver have to assist you as a traveller - that make it very easy for you. Abuja is a modern city with some museums and a easy stay. To stay here - and also in Calabar - and enjoy the Carnival is a good idea. The North has a lot of interesting mosques as in Katsina and palaces to offer, you can travel through it very well with the exception of the Northeast even now. Caves, mountains and waterfalls are found in many places in the country. Ancient cultures like the NOK - civilization show remarkable terracottafigurines from ancient historical times. Benin City keeps beautifulsculptures and gold jewelry available. There are interesting festivals such as the Argungu International Fishing and Cultural Festival and many other local events. You can also find it out at the different State Tourism Boards In Badagri you can also learn something about the slave trade from Africa. For a beach holiday in Nigeria. Travel with the Nigerian Railway is not impossible, but a bit difficult to realize. All in all - a very large and interesting country. One should have no fear - my feeling is always very nice and comfortable and an experienced guide can handle all small problems well. I have always felt safe and secure in Nigeria and will be back again this year.

Calabar Resort Break

We had a very enjoyable break in London last weekend. We were a party of five and we would like to express our gratitude for the courteous and friendly help I was given when the break was arranged. The Jovago hotel was superb and we would certainly visit it again. All the arrangements were spot on and we felt we had been pampered. Helen W.